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Refugees' Clinics in Lebanon




Women and children Syrian refugees


MAPS: Multi Aid Programs

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This program is a joint project with Multi-Aid Programs (MAPS). In 2013, MAPs launched The Health Program Lebanon (HPL) to improve Syrian refugees’ access to quality and affordable healthcare in the Bekaa Valley. HPL works to fill gaps in Lebanon’s healthcare system by reducing the physical and financial barriers to health which prevent thousands of in-need Syrians from managing chronic diseases and treating life threating illness.Our three health centers are strategically located in proximity to isolated refugee populations. Health needs among Syrian refugees continues to grow, with rates of diabetes, respiratory infections and diarrheal diseases on the rise due harsh living conditions, including the critical lack of clean water, sanitation and nutrition. Therefore, we have 112 trained healthcare workers providing services across six HPL projects with approximately 13,000 patients seen per month.

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