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Joint Project with SEMA INSANI (Turkey)

Child Protection & Health Project in Northern Syria

Any humanitarian work that does not include a child protection program is considered incomplete. At SEMA US, we have taken the initiative to integrate medical care services with child protection programs to provide comprehensive humanitarian care, building a better future for our children.


Our project focuses with high sensitivity on children with special needs and those who are most vulnerable.


Hearing Aids and Auditory Rehabilitation

It is unacceptable for our deaf and hearing-impaired children in northern Syria to remain outside the scope of education and social circles. At SEMA US, we provide them with medical hearing aids to help them overcome hearing disabilities. We also offer behavioral therapy sessions and rehabilitation to ensure their social integration even after the hearing aids are installed. 


We take pride in the increasing number of children who have regained their hearing, with over 500 hearing aids installed so far.

Treatment of Growth Impairment and Stunting

Having a child with growth impairment or stunting means they are neglected and condemned to remain imprisoned in their small bodies that do not grow. This is due to the high costs of treatment, hormonal injections, and supportive nutritional supplements.


At SEMA US, we particularly care for these children and provide them with comprehensive treatment programs, care, and medical follow-up with pediatricians, endocrinologists, and nutritionists to rescue them from this unfortunate condition. We have achieved progress in various cases, including growth failure, stunting, hormonal disorders, and malnutrition, addressing each case uniquely until we achieve the hope of their healthy growth.


Joy and Clothing for the Most Vulnerable Children and Orphans, especially during Eid seasons

We consider bringing joy to needy children as our gift for every holiday. Therefore, we launch campaigns to provide clothes and holiday gifts for the most vulnerable young children, especially those with special needs and orphaned children without providers. 


We also organize social programs during holidays to support them psychologically through celebrations, competitions, and games with wide participation from our children. Each season, at least 500 children experience the joy of the holiday with us.

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