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A Joint Project with SEMA INSANI (Turkey)

Healthcare Projects
in Northern Syria

The healthcare project provided by SEMA US is an urgent humanitarian
response to the suffering of thousands of Syrians in northern Syria. This comes
as accessing medical care becomes increasingly difficult and the gap widens
between the capacity of healthcare facilities and the large number of patients.


Reproductive and Neonatal Health Services

Based on our strong belief in the rights of every mother and child to have a
chance for a safe birth, we have supported both Al-Ikhaa Hospital and Muaaz
Abu Mahdi Hospital as the best investment in reproductive health and care for

Our contribution has helped reduce infectious diseases and the transmission of
diseases from mother to child, thus promoting public health in the community.
We have also provided support to thousands of mothers and families during
pregnancy and postpartum, helping to enhance family communication and
address health and social issues within the family.

We have worked closely in neonatal intensive care units to ensure a healthy
and sustainable start to the lives of our little ones, leading to a reduction in
mortality rates from preventable health problems and enhancing quality of life.

Primary Healthcare

SEMA US has supported a number of primary healthcare centers in northwest
Syria, which has alleviated the burden and cost of illness and subsequently
reduced pressure on hospitals.

These centers provide comprehensive care for families, with a focus on women
and children. We prioritize the establishment of these clinics in any center we
operate. In addition to internal medicine and dental clinics, these healthcare
centers offer vaccination services, monitoring and management of
malnutrition, and support social awareness campaigns on diseases, epidemics,
reproductive health, and more.


Surgical Care

In many cases, the lives of patients in northern Syria depend on the availability
of surgical care. In response to these patients with critical conditions requiring
surgical intervention, SEMA US has supported surgical care services, such as in
Wassim Hassino Hospital, to provide life-saving care with a wide range of
surgical specialties.

The hospital has recorded remarkable success stories of emergency and life-
saving surgeries for patients in urgent need of surgical procedures.
Furthermore, SEMA US supported the expansion of hospital services by
establishing an intensive care unit and expanding the number of critical and
precise healthcare providers.

Mobile Clinics

Through our support for a number of mobile clinics, we have reached many
patients in remote villages and camps who had no other way to receive
treatment and healthcare.

We have cared for them and attended to their health in their locations without
them having to endure the hardship of travel, even in extreme conditions such
as heatwaves or storms.

We also work closely with our partners on the ground to expand the scope of
mobile clinic work, especially in the aftermath of earthquakes and the closure
of many healthcare facilities.

The mobile clinics we support have been a vital lifeline in tackling diseases in
extremely difficult circumstances. They have truly been a lifesaver.


Care for Kidney Failure Patients

Our commitment to kidney failure patients is primarily an ethical commitment,
considering that this group of patients is vulnerable and marginalized.

That's why we have supported two dialysis centers in northern Syria, Kafr
Takharim and Ras al-Ain.
We work to support these centers by providing reliable and easily accessible
healthcare services, in order to deliver good quality healthcare to diagnosed
kidney failure patients.

Through our continuous supplies, we ensure the maintenance of high-quality
dialysis treatment, with the aim of prolonging the patient's life, preserving
their survival, and improving their quality of life.

There are 56 patients whose lives are directly linked to the services of our
centers, and they undergo 2-3 dialysis sessions weekly, with a monthly average
of 400 dialysis sessions.

Addressing Epidemics and Outbreaks

SEMA US collaborates with its partners to tackle cholera and COVID-19 in a
complex and resource-constrained environment, due to infrastructure
deterioration, ongoing conflict, lack of development, and instability.

These factors have made northern Syria a fertile environment for the spread of
diseases and epidemics, thereby endangering the lives of 5.5 million people.

Through our continuous support to enhance case management and improve
treatment accessibility for patients, we have consistently reduced the infection
rate to very good levels. This is achieved by establishing dedicated healthcare
facilities such as cholera treatment centers and cholera treatment units,
training healthcare workers, providing technical guidance, establishing COVID-
19 isolation centers, and ensuring a continuous supply of essential medical
items such as oxygen cylinders and necessary medications.

We are fully satisfied with the successes achieved by our staff and healthcare
facilities in saving hundreds of lives.

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